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    Group of people giving the thumbs-up sign
The success of Education Quizzes owes much to people like YOU and for that you手机500彩票客户端 have our sincere thanks.

    To provide the most effective revision available (as well as making our site a fun place to be) we rely on feedback from our visitors and subscribers.

    If you手机500彩票客户端 would like to give us you手机500彩票客户端r opinion, good or bad, on any aspect of the site then please email us at admin手机500彩票客户端@

    Finished GCSEs
    We’d like to thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the help and support, you手机500彩票客户端r site was great. My kids are through their GCSEs now.
    Celia - 15th October 2019
    Loved the quizzes - Son got a lot of confidence from doing them
    Thank-you手机500彩票客户端 for being so efficient and easy to deal with. I have recommended you手机500彩票客户端 to my daughter and friends
    Sabina - 15th October 2019
    Worked really well for us and I would highly recommend you手机500彩票客户端r website
    We used yoiur quizzes as preparation for the 11 plus and non verbal reasoning tests, and they were absolutely amazing! Especially the fact that you手机500彩票客户端 get a detailed explanation when you手机500彩票客户端 make any mistakes, and the fact that you手机500彩票客户端 can just pick a specific area to work on, e.g. number sequences or codes.
    Iris - 23rd September 2019
    Your customer service is excellent
    Pramod - 3rd September 2019
    I really like you手机500彩票客户端r quizzes
    Shivani - 7th July 2019
    Fun experience
    Your site was incredibly helpful in helping my daughter revise for her recent 11+ exams, making it a fun experience for her. I will definitely use you手机500彩票客户端 again in a year or so’s time when my second child comes to her 11+ preparation.
    Susannah - 26th February 2019
    Manageable fee
    I really like the idea and the format of easy access for a manageable fee
    Paul - 28th November 2018
    Fantastic customer service
    What fantastic customer service! Thank you手机500彩票客户端 so much for you手机500彩票客户端r help. I will definitely recommend education quizzes.
    Heather - 26th October 2018
    I will join again in future
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the Education Quizzes . My daughter practice and enjoyed working in it. I will join again in future when she starts her high school in 2019 new term.
    Mystica - 11th September 2018
    The website is really useful. Summers we are travelling. I may consider using again next year.
    Kashefa - 10th July 2018
    ISEB Pre-test
    Very helpful and useful for my son when he took ISEB Pre-test.
    Kumiko - 19th June 2018
    I will join again in the future
    I think the site is excellent and ave recommended it to others (and will continue to do so).
    Heather - 14th June 2018
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Great customer service!
    Sheilagh - 25th May 2018
    Very Useful
    Found the site very useful as they were preparing for their year 10 books. I will definitely subscribe again for September.
    Fred - 1st May 2018
    This websites helps a lot thanks very much
    Paul - 23rd April 2018
    Passed my test
    The Education Quizzes has been really helpful for me to pass my test
    Deeppreet - 19th April 2018
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the quizzes, they have been of help to our son.
    Deirdre - 18th April 2018
    Your site is very interesting and helpful
    Louis - 12th March 2018
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Hello thank you手机500彩票客户端 for all the help this site has given my child she is now back in full time education
    Sarah - 5th March 2018
    I would like to thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the wonderful assistance of providing endless quizzes for my son to practice online.
    Sha - 20th February 2018
    Last Minute Practice
    I would just like to say that the website is excellent and although we don’t know my son’s results yet, using you手机500彩票客户端r service was a huge positive ahead of the exam. I will definitely use the site again ahead of future exams for my other children in the future (although that is some way off!)
    Ian - 17th January 2018
    Great Value
    I really like EQ and it has been very useful for my daughter - and it is great value compared with a tutor
    Sian - 16th January 2018
    I have enjoyed the subscription
    Liz - 15th January 2018
    I would like to cancel my account as i have completed my test. This website has been very helpful and it is not you手机500彩票客户端r fault that I am cancelling.
    Henry - 30th November 2017
    Education Quizzes were fun
    Skai - 18th October 2017
    Helped me pass
    I was one of the only ones who passed without a tutor so when I heard that I passed the test I nearly cried with happiness:-). The quizzes all helped me with my 11 plus and I passed both tests, not 1 but 2 :D. These quizzes made me have fun with learning.
    Theo - 14th October 2017
    Thanks Very Much
    Your site is very good and we will definitely be back. Thank you手机500彩票客户端.
    Emelia - 5th October 2017
    A welcome break
    We found education quizzes extremely useful when our son was revising for the 11+ which he passed. The practice for the exam was intense so to be able to go on to education quizzes on the iPad was a welcome break for him. He tells me he found education quizzes fun and looked forward to his time on it.
    The Tiwanas - 30th August 2017
    Extremely helpful
    I have been using education quizzes which I have found extremely helpful
    Alison - 20th August 2017
    Great assistance
    My daughter has sat for her exams already and the quizzes were of great assistance to her.
    Andrea - 24th July 2017
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端, my child has now passed her GCSE Maths thanks to the help she received via you手机500彩票客户端r programme
    Frances - 17th May 2017
    Great site
    Really helped my son the night before an 11+ interview and I'm sure we will be back one day
    Arabella - 18th February 2017
    Helpful for 手机500彩票客户端schooling
    Wow! I didn't expect that. It would be very helpful as I 手机500彩票客户端school all 3 of my boys.
    Bina - 3rd February 2017
    Very useful
    The quizzes were very useful for my son entrance exam into our preferred school; and he has been offered a place.
    Sam - 3rd February 2017
    Very beneficial
    Many thanks and just to say I find the site very beneficial for my daughters learning and thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Brian - 31st January 2017
    Recommended to friends
    We have really enjoyed using you手机500彩票客户端r site and I have recommended it to a number of friends.
    Jane - 28th January 2017
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Education Quizzes has been of very great help to my son. Thank you手机500彩票客户端 very much!
    Ronald - 25th January 2017
    I found you手机500彩票客户端r site very helpful with my daughters exams in years year
    Leigh - 23rd January 2017
    Great help
    It's been a great help and I will sure be subscribing again in the near future
    Adebola - 13th December 2016
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the creative education site we have enjoyed very much
    Family Ng - 13th December 2016
    Really Helpful
    The material as well as the supporting explanation when getting a wrong answer, guides my child to the right thinking and also he finds the work fun. Therefore we find the quizzes really helpful.
    Chrysia - 9th December 2016
    Very satisfied
    Many many thanks not only for you手机500彩票客户端r prompt replies but also being so decent (a very satisfied customer!!)
    Helen - 22nd November 2016
    God bless
    I have found you手机500彩票客户端r site to be very useful. Thank you手机500彩票客户端 very much for creating it. God bless!
    Ayomi - 15th November 2016
    Exam preperation
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端. My grand-daughter has enjoyed using education quizzes to help her prepare for examinations. We found the quizzes very useful and very well put together.
    Rose - 28th September 2016
    Enjoyed learning
    Our son has enjoyed learning with you手机500彩票客户端 very much, so on his behalf we thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Nigel and Helena - 28th September 2016
    Very helpful
    I found you手机500彩票客户端r website very helpful for 11plus help
    Gabi - 12th September 2016
    I wish to thank you手机500彩票客户端 all for the support you手机500彩票客户端 have given me and my son through you手机500彩票客户端r services
    M. Ancis - 8th September 2016
    Your web site helped a lot
    Sung Heui - 8th September 2016
    My daughter has just finished her GCSE exams and we won't be needing the quizzes any more. She has found them especially useful for Maths and the Sciences. I have recommended you手机500彩票客户端r site to my sister who has you手机500彩票客户端nger children. Many thanks for a good experience.
    Hilary - 28th July 2016
    Whilst I think you手机500彩票客户端r site is brilliant, and as an educator myself I don't find many education sites that I can say that about, my daughter didn't like the computer-based format, preferring to work from 'real' books. Seems some kids are still interested in the old ways of working! I do wish you手机500彩票客户端 all well though, especially when I came across an article about how the founder came up with the idea. Absolute genius.
    Georgia - 11th July 2016
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for being so beneficial!
    Lauren - 3rd July 2016
    We have enjoyed using you手机500彩票客户端r quizzes to help with revising for GCSE thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Judith - 25th June 2016
    Really useful
    My daughter has found the quizzes really useful in her revision this year.
    Bronagh - 20th June 2016
    Great site
    Great site, but my children didn't use it
    Odette - 5th June 2016
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for this wonderful website
    Gargan - 4th June 2016
    Great website
    Many thanks
    Steph - 2nd June 2016
    Supporting the community
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for supporting the community and we shall definitely help spread the word.
    Chiara and Alex - 31st May 2016
    Well done
    It has greatly helped my child in developing his strength in science, which was the main reason for signing up. The hard work put into the website is amazing. Well done.
    Charles - 25th May 2016
    Very helpful
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for the access to you手机500彩票客户端r materials which has been very helpful - and my daughter actually enjoyed her revision! We will be back again.
    Tessa - 9th May 2016
    Thanks for being a lifesaver again. My daughter has just sat for her mid-year exams. The quizzes helped her tremendously.
    Ita - 5th May 2016
    Good time
    My daughter had a good time doing the quizzes but she's bored now and does not want to do it anymore. I may come back later but please cancel for now.
    Mayank - 4th April 2016
    Helped me a lot
    It's a really good service and has helped me a lot.
    Robert - 30th March 2016
    My child has done the test he was preparing for and does not need the site currently. I was happy with the service and would return to it if needed in future.
    Francine - 25th March 2016
    Great fun
    I have been using the 11+ exercises with my grandson and we had great fun. I was most impressed with you手机500彩票客户端r website and look forward to using it again with the next child.
    Sheila - 22nd March 2016
    Very Useful
    I had subscribed it for 11+. The site was very useful and my son got his preferred school for September 2016.
    Archana - 16th March 2016
    Your Site Definitely Helped
    My daughter has now completed the 11+ exam and you手机500彩票客户端r site definitely helped, recommended to sister for niece who is going to do 11+ this time next year.
    Tracey - 4th March 2016
    Very beneficial
    It has been very beneficial and we may come back again in the future!
    Vivien - 24th February 2016
    It has been very useful
    Rebecca - 17th February 2016
    Happy to recommend
    If my son ever shows an interest in extra study I will reopen an account with you手机500彩票客户端. I will also be happy to recommend you手机500彩票客户端 to friends.
    Antoinette - 17th February 2016
    Useful tool
    I'm writing to let you手机500彩票客户端 know that I would like to cancel my subscription. I was only using this service together with my son for a limited time (between schools), and it has proven to be a very useful tool, but we are no longer using it at this time.
    Joel - 8th February 2016
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 so much - it is a really useful resource
    Karen - 19th January 2016
    Your site was excellent preparation for my daughters entrance exam
    Emma - 6th January 2016
    I am studying herbal medicine at college and just completed medicinal weeds. And these quizzes have helped me hugely with my study and plant identification.
    Jill - 12th December 2015
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 for you手机500彩票客户端r best website!
    Hazem - 24th November 2015
    I was happy with the service but found that the time available for my family to use it was limited
    Prayesi - 23rd November 2015
    Useful resource
    Just a quick message to let you手机500彩票客户端 know what a useful resource you手机500彩票客户端r site has been during the last two months whilst I have been 手机500彩票客户端 educating my two boys.
    Karen - 19th November 2015
    Excellent tool
    The website has been an excellent tool for revision for my daughter. I have recommended this site to many others.
    Lisa - 19th November 2015
    Passed entrance exams
    We signed up as part of my daughter's 11+ practice. We did not pay for tutuors, and used the 11+ quizzes for the last couple of months, before the exams. She passed both entrance exams, so hopefully the quizzes helped. We found them really handy for self-learning, and testing knowledge.
    Sarah - 16th November 2015
    Achieved great results.
    We have used the website for our daughters 11+ exam and have achieved great results.
    Alex - 10th November 2015
    Thank you手机500彩票客户端 so much for you手机500彩票客户端r amazing help.
    Diana - 10th November 2015
    Extremely Useful
    My daughter has now successfully passed her 11+! We found you手机500彩票客户端r site extremely useful and helpful.
    Debra - 2nd November 2015
    Really helpful
    I have just registered. What can I say? My daughter loved doing the quizzes. I'm very grateful. It is really helping to plan things.
    Lynn - 2nd November 2015
    You're awesome
    I would just like to say you手机500彩票客户端're "awesome" thank you手机500彩票客户端. I will definitely spread the word.
    Tina, Misty and Nia - 19th October 2015
    Supportive and generous staff
    You gave me the most supportive and generous reply as a 手机500彩票客户端 educator that I have had in a long time, so thank you手机500彩票客户端 very much, I am so happy that I can share it with others too. I look forward to exploring you手机500彩票客户端r site with my son.
    Emanation - 18th October 2015
    Really helped my daughter
    The website really helped my daughter during the short time she used it. She recently got into a really good grammar school.
    Kamal - 8th October 2015
    Nice break from books
    Great resource which we found a welcome break from the books: great to have the answers clearly explained, particularly for the non verbal reasoning which are often pretty impossible to explain!
    Adam - 7th October 2015
    Fantastic website
    I would like to say thank you手机500彩票客户端 for providing such a fantastic website. Myself and my partner are both maths teachers and use it on a daily basis with hundreds of our students.
    Peter - 14th September 2015
    Lucy's favourite way to revise
    I know that Lucy has really enjoyed the quizzes. She thought she was pretty good at English but certainly managed to learn a few things through the quizzes - some of which came in very useful when she sat her 11+. I was very impressed when she told me that she'd been able to answer the question on onomatopoeia because she'd covered it in Education Quizzes. What I will say is that it has been Lucy's favourite way to revise.
    - Carol Connor -
    Easy to navigate and easy to use
    I bought this product for my 13 year old son and think it is very easy to navigate and easy to use.
    - Garry Swinford -
    Perfect for checking what you手机500彩票客户端 know and where the gaps are.
    I found you手机500彩票客户端r site by chance when trying to help my 14 year old who was maxed out with his half term revision. This is a brilliant way to do short and effective quizzes and injects a bit of fun in to the revision process. Perfect for checking what you手机500彩票客户端 know and where the gaps are.
    - Maria Deacon -
    Far more interesting than normal revision
    I think that educational quizzes is a really good way for children to revise. It's far more interesting than normal revision and you手机500彩票客户端 quickly realise and can focus on what they don't know.
    - Alison Field -
    I found the service to be very friendly and efficient
    First of all I found the service to be very friendly and efficient. Customer service is excellent.

    I like Education Quizzes because my son (who is in year 7) can do quick revisions online. The quizzes are quite well thought out. After doing the quiz he then went deeper into his year-end revision by reading up the topics that he found difficult in the quizzes. I think you手机500彩票客户端r service is very helpful and really good value for money.
    - Anindita Nat -
    Everything Under One Roof
    We are now starting into school exam season and I can tell you手机500彩票客户端 that the quizzes are fantastic for revision.

    I am happy to say that this is a fantastic website with ‘everything under one roof’!! No more searching in different places. It sure makes my life a lot easier!! It has also been good for collaboration with other departments. Congratulations on a fantastic site in every aspect!!
    - Noirin McArdle, St Patrick’s Grammar School, Downpatrick -
    手机500彩票客户端 Education
    I am 手机500彩票客户端 educating my 13 year old son and find the site extremely useful. Thanks, Ken.
    - Ken Pooley -
    Fab quizzes
    I have subscribed to this and its fantastic. Very informative and the children love doing the quizzes too (even I had a go). Would thoroughly recommend it.
    - Mrs L -
    Just wanted to say thanks
    Your website really helped me to revise for my music theory test grade 2
    - Chloe -
    Congratulations! A brilliant website.
    - Gemma -
    Made such a difference
    I just wanted to say we have started using the quizzes and I am so proud and impressed, they are fantastic! Ruby did really well and they have made such a difference already, so thank you手机500彩票客户端.
    - Lucy -
    Fabulous website
    I would like to say it has been very a fabulous site to help with my daughters revision and I have recommended you手机500彩票客户端r site to several friends.
    Michelle -

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